Localization Settings

 Last updated: March 9, 2018     

SpringCM wants to help you increase and manage your international presence by creating more flexibile localization options for the platform. Localization settings will help your users manage their work in their native date and time formats.

Admin How To

Set Localization Preferences for Your Account

  1. Log in to SpringCM.
  2. Open the Utility menu.
  3. Click the My Preferences link. The Preferences page opens, defaulted to General.
  4. Choose a time zone from the Time Zone menu.
    Note: All SpringCM timestamps and notifications reflect your designated time zone. The time zone feature ensures that workflow participants don't miss deadlines because they're in different time zones than the workflow initiator.
  5. Choose a region from the Localization dropdown menu.
    Note: The localization option is used to format dates and times. If you want to leave as is, this field detects your localization settings from your web browser.


What formats will I see?

Global date and time settings will display in your account once you change it from your account default. The following article references global date formats: