SpringCM recognizes that each customer is unique. The way in which new technology is introduced can be the greatest factor is determining adoption, goal attainment and satisfaction.   

Our implementation methodology, Springboard, combines best practices, historical perspective and project discipline, and consists of three phases:

  • Discovery
  • Configuration
  • Delivery

Discovery Phase

The objective of the Discovery phase is to plan for or prepare your organization for the configuration and rollout of SpringCM. In addition to getting everyone’s buy-in and understanding of the implementation project plans and objectives, one of the key activities is to assess business processes, which leads to recommendations about the most efficient way to map your business process to SpringCM functionality.

Configuration Phase

During the Configuration phase, the implementation team reviews approved design documents. Details for the configuration, maps, or processes to be created are documented and implemented.  Areas requiring more information are clarified by working with you to resolve the unknown and mitigate risks. And, we begin an iterative process of configuring your account. Periodic feedback from customers insures that the final solution configuration meets customers’ specific requirements.

Delivery Phase

The Delivery phase consist of essentially four steps, which ensures that project deliverables have been completed successfully and that your company receives world-class support. Additionally, it’s important to address any functional or process gaps that arise following launch.

Springboard has been utilized in more than 1000 projects and has repeatedly led to successful implementations and user adoption.