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Microsoft Office 365 Add-in

  Contract Management, clause management, Office add-in  Last updated: May 2, 2016     



The Microsoft Office 365 Add-in allows for integrated access to your Clause Library, directly from the familiar Microsoft Word interface.


The Microsoft Office 365 Add-in extends the clause library features already available in SpringCM and brings the benefits of creating and managing a central repository of pre-approved terms within reach of many more companies looking to better manage their contract lifecycle.

The Add-in is easy to install and runs as a lightweight web application directly inside installed versions of Word (2013/2016 on Windows) and Word Online apps on both Mac and Windows.

SpringCM is using the latest Add-in frameworks from Microsoft to deliver a completely integrated experience. You can work with any Microsoft Word document whether it is stored in SpringCM or not.  You can use the Add-in to search, review and directly insert approved content into your document with one click.


  • Search / Preview / Insert approved clauses directly from Microsoft Word.
  • Available on most versions of Microsoft Word (all versions where add-ins are available).
  • Simple, one-time installation.   Detailed installation instructions are available for system adminstrators.
  • Seamless updates.   Add-in is a web based application and is updated seamlessly, with no intervention needed from system admistrators.

Primary Process Overview

SpringCM Administrator
  • Install SpringCM Microsoft Office 365 Add-in into the corporate environment.
SpringCM Business User
  • Access the embedded Add-in from within Microsoft Word.  
  • Search and Insert Clauses while editing a document.

Release Notes

  • March 2016 Release [PDF]
    • HTML Markup supported for Option Notes. This allows for additional styles (including links) to be positioned in the Add-In fields. Both data fields now support HTML Markup.
    • SSO Support. Standard SSO support was added for the add-in. This support allows for customers to use their currently implemented SSO for authenticating to the add-in.
  • January 2016 Release (Initial Release)
    • Search clauses (SXTerms) while editing a contract, directly from Microsoft Word.
    • Insert clause language directly into any open Microsoft Word document.   Language inserted will follow the same style and honor track changes.

Admin How To

Installing the Office 365 Add-in

First, contact SpringCM to get a copy of the latest manifest file for the Office 365 Add-in.  The manifest file is a simple XML file that tells Microsoft Word how to communicate with SpringCM.  

Once the manifest file has been received, it can be incorporated into your organization's infrastructure.  This installation is a one time operation.

There are two methods that make the add-in available:

  • Install the add-in manifest file in a specially configured SharePoint catalog. (This can either be in SharePoint Online or locally hosted SharePoint).
  • Install the add-in manifest file in a shared drive

When planning the installation location, please ensure the location will be available when Word is loaded and the add-in starts.   If the location is not available, the add-in will fail to load.

After the add-in has been made available to the user, the location of the add-in needs to be placed in the “Trust Center” inside of Microsoft Word.   This configuration can either be done as part of group policy or manually in Word.  This guide will cover how to manually create a Trust Center location.

Installing the Manifest File

The manifest file can be installed in either a specially configured SharePoint catalog or a share drive.   The location of the manifest must be accessible to the user when starting the add-in in Word.  Special care should be taken if the manifest location is behind a firewall as this location may not be available if a user is not on the corporate network or VPN.

Creating a SharePoint catalog:

Follow the directions in the article below to create a catalog in SharePoint Online.    All users in your organziation need access rights to this location.

Office 365


Local Hosted (SharePoint 2013 / 2015)


Creating a network Shared Drive


Follow the directions in the article below to deploy the manifest to a catalog on a network or shared drive folder.

NOTE:  A local share to the machine can be used to store the manifest file for testing purposes.  

The share should be added to the Trust Center below.

Adding to the Trust Center

After the manifest file is in a location that is accessible to the user, that location needs to be added to the Trust Center in Word.

  • Open a new document in Word.
  • Choose the File tab, and then choose Options.
  • Choose Trust Center, and then choose the Trust Center Settings button.
  • Choose "Trusted App [or Add-in] Catalogs".
  • In the Catalog Url box, enter the SharePoint or Shared Folder location and then choose Add Catalog.
  • Select the Show in Menu check box, and then choose OK.
  • Restart Microsoft Word

User How To

Prerequisite: The Microsoft Office 365 Add-in will need to be deployed by your organization's IT department.   Instructions for deployment are listed above.

Open the Add-in from Microsoft Word

      1. While in Word (365 online or 2013/2016 on PC):
        1. Open the document in edit mode.
        2. Click on the Insert Menu --> "Office Add-ins"OfficeOnline_ClickAddin.png
        3. Choose "SpringCM for Office" in Add-in module.Add-in_ChooseOnline.png

Authenticate the Add-in

You must be a valid user in an active SpringCM account to use the add-in. After logging into your account you simply grant permissions for the add-in to access the content in your account.  Authentication is good for 14 days and will be renewed each time the add-in is used for 6 months.  



Search and Insert Clauses

The SpringCM Office 365 Add-in is pre-configured to search for terms in your organization’s clause library. You can create playbooks of clauses and options or libraries of other terms in your account and then access them from the Add-in with a powerful keyword search. Quickly match against the name and description of each clause as well as the full text of each clause option.



What System Configurations are Supported?

When using installed versions of Microsoft Word, the Add-in uses Internet Explorer as its web browser.  This limits the add-in to Microsoft Operating systems only.  

SpringCM supports the following configurations:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and Up
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 10 or higher
    • Compatibility mode must be turned “off”.
  • Word: Word 2013 or Word 2016 for PC (Mac versions of Word do not support Add-ins).
Both Mac and PCs are supported in Word running in Office 365 online, with all supported browsers.