Each 30-minute training on-demand webinar in this series is designed to increase your knowledge of SpringCM, empowering you to make the most of your SpringCM investment. Best practices and customer use cases are highlighted in each session.

10 Tips for User Adoption

Over the course of hundreds of customer implementations, this set of 10 tips will review successful tactics proven to bolster user adoption of your SpringCM investment. The webinar focuses on a mix of strategies around carrots, sticks, and communication recommendations. 

Organizing Your Content

One of the most important decisions you make with your content is how to organize it, making sure your users can find and work with your content effectively. This webinar will review best practices to consider and how to use both folders and metadata to structure your content in SpringCM. 

Securing Your Content 

This webinar will provide an overview of SpringCM security options and best practices in permissioning your content.

Adding Content to SpringCM

SpringCM offers a variety of methods to upload your documents to your content cloud. This webinar will review those options and provide you with guidelines (best practices) for when one method versus another is ideal.

Sharing Your SpringCM Content

Once you have added your content to SpringCM, how do you share that content with both users and external parties? This webinar will review various options  from sharing either private or public links to folders or documents, to the use of SpringCM's email system to send links or files. We'll also show you  how to set up one-time collaborations with external parties. 

Managing Users & Groups

This webinar focuses on how to manage your SpringCM Address Book effectively. Users, contacts, and groups are covered along with key actions administrator users take on a day-to-day basis. 

Optimizing Your Search 

Learn how to use various search types and criteria to maximize efficiency for finding and working with your content. Search methods are reviewed along with how administrator users can create saved searches to add even more optimization to your business processes running on SpringCM. 

Using SpringCM's Business Sync App

This webinar will highlight how SpringCM's Business Sync app can be used to work with and store content locally while syncing updated or new content back-and-forth from your SpringCM cloud in real-time. 

Using SpringCM's Mobile App for iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices

SpringCM's mobile app gives you even more power to access, work, and share your documents. This webinar will review how the app can be used, as well as how it is already in use by many existing customers.

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