Workflow Details Report

 Last updated: March 9, 2018     



The workflow details report allows users to see all the individual workflows that were active during a specific range. 


The report currently refreshes every 15 minutes.
You can drill further into workflow data using the filtering options. These include

  • Workflow name
  • Initiated by
  • Status (Executing, Completed, Failed, Aborted)
  • Currently assigned to (setting is enabled only when you select Status = Executing in the Status picker)
  • Current Stages
  • Date range
  • Document attributes


The data presented to you in the details reports let you analyze workflow trends based on workflow lifecycle. You can view which workflows are active during a specific time period, how long they were active, who initiated them, who the current assignment belongs to, etc. This helps you identify areas of both significance and improvement in your day-to-day business processes.
You can save the report and add it as a widget to the dashboard (the saved report reflects the state of filters and columns when you saved it).

Release Notes

This report is in its Open Beta release, meaning that it is not automatically turned on in your account. See the How To tab to learn how to enable the reports in your account.

Admin How To

Turn on the Workflow reports functionality

SpringCM Super Administrators can turn on workflow reporting in the Admin settings. You need to manually enable these reports for your account because they are still in the beta release stage.

  1. Log in to SpringCM with your administrator credentials.
  2. Click the Admin link in the navigation header. The Admin landing screen defaults to Account Preferences > General.
  3. Locate the Enable Workflow Reports checkbox in the General section.
  4. Check the Enable Workflow Reports checkbox to enable this feature in your account.
  5. Click the Save button.

The reports display the next time your users log in to SpringCM. Users can refresh their browser tab to display them immediately.